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Subsidized Child Care Provider Stipend Update

December 30, 2020

Update: Just in time for the New Year! The provider stipends described below were deposited today and paper checks were mailed to those who do not have direct deposit. Providers who received the stipends will receive a letter some time next week with more details of your payment.

December 28, 2020

Subsidized Child Care Provider Stipends

Some of the CARES Act money that was awarded to California by the Federal Government was set aside to issue stipends to subsidized child care providers who have suffered hardships due to the pandemic.

All providers who received a payment from SFCS’s Subsidized Child Care Program (Stages 1, 2, 3 and CAPP) for the service month of July 2020 are eligible to receive this stipend.  Stipends are not available to BRDG program providers.

SFCS was given a set amount of funds to disburse to our providers.  Based on the number of children we issued payments for in July 2020, the one-time, per-child stipend is: $132.76.  This amount will be issued to the provider even if only one day of service was paid for July 2020, and even if the child is no longer in care.  If the provider is no longer in business, we will still issue the stipend.

The stipend can be used for any purpose.  It is considered taxable income, so this amount will be added to each provider’s 1099 form if the total received from the subsidy program (including regular subsidy payments) is $600 or more for the entire year (2020).

We are working on the logistics of issuing these stipends; we hope to have them issued via Direct Deposit this week.

If you have any questions, please contact your assigned Provider Services Specialist.

SFCS Management

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