Thursday, May 9, 2024

Solano Family & Children's Services : Help Paying For Child Care

Getting Started

Solano Family & Children’s Services (SFCS) may provide full or partial payment for child care services for Solano County residents. The programs are designed to help income-eligible families afford child care. The programs serve children under the age of 13, children with documented special or exceptional needs may be served up to age 21. A key component of the programs is parental choice. This allows enrolled families to choose the child care setting that meets the specific needs of the family. Funding is provided through a combination of federal, state, and local agencies. When funding allows, SFCS will open enrollment to new families based on our Solano Eligibility List (SEL). This list is different from a waiting list in that we pull based on eligibility and need; not time on this list. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that a family will receive assistance through a subsidized child care program. Exceptions families who are currently receiving Cash Aid or who have been on Cash Aid in the last two years, and who meet the income guidelines and have a need for child care. Families must submit an application to place their name on the Solano Eligibility List (SEL) for the child care program(s) that best meet the needs of their family. Families do not automatically receive subsidized child care by submitting the application.

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421 Executive Court North
Fairfield, CA 94534-4019
(707) 863-3950

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