Thursday, August 20, 2020

Child Care Provider Resources


For the most up-to-date information for providers, click on the link below:

COVID 19 information and Resources for Child Care Providers

For other ongoing resources:

Solano Family & Children’s Services offers a wide variety of support and information related to child care, child development, and supportive provider resources. We can help you through the process of Steps to Become a Licensed Family Child Care Provider in Solano County. If you are already licensed, we can provide you technical assistance to help you maintain a child care business. We provide families free referrals to licensed child care homes and centers. If you would like us to refer your business to families seeking child care, you can fill out the Provider Data Form and the Provider Referral Agreement. Submit both forms with a copy of your license to Resource & Referral to get started. If you are a TrustLine registered provider, in good standing we can offer to refer you to families searching for your type of care. Once you are listed on our free database, we will contact you quarterly to keep your information updated, or you are welcome to fill out the Quick Provider Update Form anytime you have a change that you would like reflected in our database for referrals to families.

We offer ongoing workshops and training on topics such as Child Development, Guidance, and Discipline, Health and Nutrition, Activities for children of all ages, etc. We also provide training on opening a small business, taxes and paperwork, marketing, and outreach.

We have several services that you and your clients can take advantage of.

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