Saturday, November 11, 2023

Meal Pattern Minute: Minimum Serving of Dried Fruits

In the Child and Adult Care Food Program, did you know that a provider may serve fresh, canned, frozen,
juiced, and dried fruit which can then be credited towards the fruit component of the meal pattern? Did you know that dried fruits have a different crediting by volume than other fruits in the Child and Adult Care Food Program meal pattern? Can you serve 1/16th cup, also measured as 1 tablespoon, and credit it towards the meal pattern? Because dry fruit doubles, it would actually be 1/8th cup, right?

· Whole dried fruit and whole dried fruit pieces credit at twice the volume served in School Meal Programs
and CACFP.
· Example: 1/8 cup of dried cranberries credits as 1/4 cup fruit. 1/8 cup of any fruit is the minimum serving
size that may be creditable. For example, although dried fruit credits as twice the volume served, 1/16
cup (1 Tbsp) of dried fruit cannot be offered to count as 1/8 cup, because 1/16 cup is less than the
minimum serving size that may be creditable.
· Dried fruits are one of five ways that fruit can be served in the CACFP. They can also be fresh, frozen,
canned or in the form of full-strength fruit juice. Fruit juice may only be served once per day.
Commercial fried fruit chips and home-canned fruit products are not allowed in the CACFP, but homefrozen fruit products are creditable.
· Most people think of raisins, apricots, prunes or cranberries when it comes to dried fruits, but dried
coconut also falls under the category of dried fruits and credits as twice the volume served.
· Fruit leather does not credit as dried fruit and is not allowable in the CACFP.

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