Thursday, February 3, 2022

Subsidized Child Care Program


The Subsidized Child Care Program may be able to help you pay for child care.  We administer early learning and care programs that help low-income families and at-risk children who meet at least one of several Need and Eligibility criteria.  The goal of these programs is to promote the health, growth, education, and care of children while their parents work, look for work, go to school, etc.

Parental Choice

SFCS does not provide direct child care.  Care must be done by eligible Child Care Centers, Licensed Child Care Homes, or License-Exempt/TrustLined Providers.  It is up to parents to choose the child care provider who will best meet their needs.  Full or partial reimbursements for care are made directly to the provider.

Age Eligibility

Children are eligible for services through 12 years of age.  Children with special needs may be eligible through 21 years of age.

Program Eligibility

Our staff will help you determine which program you may be eligible for.

Each program has strict eligibility guidelines, and all families must qualify under those guidelines to receive services.

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