Friday, December 29, 2023

Solano Eligibility List (SEL)

If you are currently receiving or have received TANF/Cash Aid within the past 24 months,
you may be eligible for CalWORKs child care services.
Call the Intake Clerical Assistant at (707) 864-4654 for more information.

Solano Eligibility List (SEL)

  • The Solano Eligibility List determines which families should be served first.
  • The family is ranked by gross family income, family size, and other needs. Income is verified prior to enrollment.
  • Children receiving CPS, or children at risk of being neglected or abused are given priority.
  • If a child lives with a guardian/foster parent only the child’s income is used to determine the family’s rank.
Subsidy Income Requirements

View and download the current family size/income levels for eligibility. There are other situations besides income that could make you eligible- the application will help determine if you are eligible.

421 Executive Court North
Fairfield, CA 94534-4019
(707) 863-3950

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